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Our Message

Since seventies and eighties of last century the Arabic book market has been changing radically and has been affected under what so called “yellow books” as a result of deterioration of the quality and value chain of book publishing, low attention to the copyrights issue and due to the domination of a mix of “anonymous” ideological religious books as a trend.
Such trend occupied more than 40 percentage of Arabic book market. So, we are keen to fulfil our responsibility towards our society, by giving a wider spectrum of resources “specially” for foreign (good selected) books to be available in the Arabic library.
Regarding to a great shortage of translated books into Arabic in general and nonfiction, children’s and young adult’s books specifically, we tend to believe that many Arab readers are eager to find a reliable source to guide them and introduce to them the new related books.
In this context, we chose to be specialized in translating and interpreting the intellectual creations of East and West. We select prestigious books with interesting topics to our readers.

What Makes Us Different

Since the focus of translation into Arabic is commonly oriented to English or French Literature we going to lead a new stream by translating masterpieces from nearly unusual areas to the Arabic readers, such as Asia, Northern Europe and Eastern Europe. We plan to produce on an annual basis, a series of books from each area.

What we’re offering is a comprehensive multimedia solution to promote the dissemination of foreign cultures, through variety of media utilizing Digital and printing mediums, and strategic partnerships with European writers, publishers, and other concerned parties, Targeting Arab readers, and Arab readers with disabilities, in a contemporary way.

Legal Info

Al-Turjman for translation and publishing was established in 2016 as a company.

Commercial Registration Number: 0105100000006285
local number: 6285
Tax Identification Number: 466702930