Nothing is Impossible to Us

By Eva Lindström

We are from a different planet. Aren’t everyone. Now we live here, in a completely new city. We have everything we need, Mum and King, we have each other. Sometimes we think of Dad. Wonder how he is doing, on the Moon or Pluto or wherever?

Two siblings find themselves in a new environment, which they settle into and make themselves comfortable in together with their mum and their dog King. Dad is somewhere else. But where? The children keep their spirits up and feel they are doing fine! But think a lot about dad and they prepare a landing spot for him.

Throughout this story full of an “everything is alright”-spirit there is an undertone of missing dad. Where is he? When is he coming? If at all? But it is a warm story with lots of tenderness and despite the underlying sadness there is also a great deal of humour.

Eva Lindström, (born 1952), has inspired a new generation of illustrators both in Sweden and internationally. With charming and individual stories, Lindström confirms her position as a unique creator of picture books again and again. She has won and been nominated to numerous awards – twelve nominations in total for the August Prize, a unique achievement, and twice winner of “The Snowball” for best picture book of the year. She has been nominated to the HC Andersen Award four times.