Parental Magic

By Hedvig Montgomery

Parental Magic is a modern-day bible for 21st century parents. In seven easy steps, psychologist and family therapist Hedvig Montgomery guides parents and guardians towards what everyone wishes for: children and adults who are content and happy with themselves – also when together. Parental Magic is the smart and simple book that will teach you how to become the parent you wish to be.

“After twenty years as a family psychologist, I know that no one is born a good parent. But I also know that almost everyone can become one – and that everyone can become better. The role of parent to a child will be the most important role you’ll ever have in your life. It will demand wisdom, knowledge, lots of courage, and even more self-knowledge. At times it will demand more of you than you’d ever expect, but the beauty of it all is: If you become a better parent, you will also become a better person. It’s in other words very much worth the hard work.”

How do you get a happy child? How do you foster confidence? How do you prepare a child for sad things to come? How angry are you actually allowed to get? Which is the most common mistake parents make? And what is really the most important job of parents during a child’s infancy and adolescence?

Hedvig Montgomery (b. 1968) is a psychologist and family therapist with more than two decades of experience in the field. Besides practicing as a family therapist, Montgomery holds seminars at the Norwegian branch of Famlab, an international organization that supports and educates parents and guardians. Parental Magic is the fruit of decades of research and practical experience, a small book jam-packed with wisdom and smart techniques. It’s a modern day child-rearing bible that will give guardians worldwide just the tools they need to guide their children – and themselves – to happiness.


Hedvig Montgomery is the author behind the book that I myself would have written as a modern version of Your Competent Child. A book that acknowledges that Nordic parents have learned to take children’s vulnerability, wisdom and responses seriously. -Jesper Juul.