A Friend, What Is That?

By Ed franck & thé tjong-khing

After tumbling out of a tree, Panda no longer recognizes Squirrel. Squirrel reminds Panda that he’s his friend. But then Panda, clearly a bit dazed by the fall, asks what a friend is. Squirrel thinks for a moment and comes up with the answer. ‘A friend goes for walks with you. He tells you all his secrets. He hugs you when you’re sad. He plays fun games with you. He helps you when you’re in trouble and never lets you down. He makes you laugh and… and… so much more!’

Written by Ed Franck, one of Belgium’s most important and innovative children’s writers, He writes for all ages and in all genres: from songs for toddlers to YA novels, detective stories, and poetry. He has twice won the prestigious Cultuurprijs of the Flemish Community for Youth Literature. Panda series (1 & 2) are illustrated by Thé Tjong-Khing, a world-leading illustrator for children, whose many accolades include nomination for the Hans Christian Andersen Award.