Panda and Squirrel

By Ed franck & thé tjong-khing

Philosophical, wise, funny and wonderfully illustrated stories about an unbreakable friendship between a panda and a squirrel, from two world greats of children’s literature.

Panda and Squirrel can’t live without each other and do everything together: lie on the rocks to look at the moon, take walks, play games. One of their journeys lasts for only two steps, another day they discover a newly hatched duckling. Sometimes they argue but they always make up again. This is a friendship for any day: roaring, quiet, grumbling, snoring… always.

This down-to-earth, warmhearted friendship story reaches straight from the soul of one six-year-old to another.

“Night falls, the birds are silent. Panda is lying peacefully on his back in his cave in the mountain.

There is a tree in front of the cave, Squirrel is coming. He snuggles up on Panda’s belly. Nice and warm.

They look at the full moon above the tall tree.”

Written by Ed Franck, one of Belgium’s most important and innovative children’s writers, He writes for all ages and in all genres: from songs for toddlers to YA novels, detective stories, and poetry. He has twice won the prestigious Cultuurprijs of the Flemish Community for Youth Literature. Panda series (1 & 2) are illustrated by Thé Tjong-Khing, a world-leading illustrator for children, whose many accolades include nomination for the Hans Christian Andersen Award.